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MartriX offers you a variety of different aspects of martial art and ancient methods of health improvements for mind and body.

You can watch mind-boggling video clips showing rare martial art moments and download brain quaking free eBooks, PDF files introducing you to amazing ‘ancient modern’ way of thinking.  

We introduce you to TheFeel of intuitive Boxing (iBoxing) an internal martial art concept to become more ‘naturally-driven’ in your normal life and business activities.

Our martial art training is specifically designed to guide and help you to bring your natural psychic and physical functions into full play.

We aim to reveal your original Self and grow your natural inborn talents.

Martial art science, ancient awareness and health improvement methods, are the MartriX tools to free your self from exhausting conditioning and killing addictions.

The MartriX trainers are experienced martial artists, world travellers, life scientists, and successful company trainers.

Ron Nansink (senior instructor) has more then forty years of experience in a variety of Oriental martial arts and over thirty years in company training.

His martial skills, real life experience and sharp intuition combined create a dynamic learning sphere. Ron’s favourite maxim is: ‘Move Taikiken, Think Tao.’

Nadja Kotrchova is a well experienced MartriX trainer with more then ten years experience in internal martial art and company training.

Nadja represents the female strength Yin in intuitive boxing, showing that softness and flexibility can be a very effective quality.   

Get TheFeel from different cultures working, come out of your comfort zone and join a whole new mode of experimentation and understanding.

New feelings can be your fresh start for wonderful transformations.



The Tao  “A road to a world  with no borders,  no boundaries,  no flags,  no countries,  where the heart  is the only passport  you carry.”   Carlos Santana

Ritzu Zen team training



MartriX.org is a free society founded to promote ancient Taoist awareness concepts through internal martial art training workshops and contemporary management training.

For MartriX.org it is utmost important to promote free sharing of the ancient heritage of spiritual knowledge from both, well-known and mysterious cultures.

The name MartriX is an unification of the words Martial Arts and Matrix (mould or widespread conditioning.)

The MartriX vision is deeply rooted in the Taoist concepts ‘Understanding reality’, ‘Wen tzu’, and ‘Wuji’ (the Supreme Void.)

The three pillars supporting our thinking prototype are ‘open awareness’, ‘conscious knowledge’ and ‘real knowledge’.

Our mission is to help you to develop your natural strength, by extending your inborn capacities of a sustainable mind and body.

This web site offers you the convenience to explore our mission and vision in your own pace.


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