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We from MartriX feel that these little eBooks can be a great help to reach a better understanding of some ancient and contemporary thinkers and their quest for freedom.

Note: These downloads are in PDF format so you need Acrobat Reader to open them. 

Scientific research showing that Qigong has curative effects.

Zhan Zhuang standing pole exercises explained in detail.

Ancient Taoist rehabilitation methods explained by experts.

A Taoist Path to immortality and longevity.

The paradoxical logic developed by the ancient Chinese.

Taoist guidelines for a peaceful mind and a healthy life.

Tao Te Ching a classical book for modern use.

The Art of War by Sun tzu, for strategic decisions in daily life. 

Wuyiquan and the ancient Mexican warrior path, practical advice of Don Juan Matus.

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March 2023


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