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We have to go through a process of unlearning artificial habits, to be natural (simple) again. In modern words we have to delete or update our outdated software programs (habits), erase useless data and defragment our brain to focus unbiased on the Now. Or if we really screwed up our life, we have to format our complete awareness system and install a unbiased mind.

One of the first things Kenichi Sawai told me: ‘Love, fighting and accidents mostly come unexpected. How can you prepare yourself for the unexpected? Develop your inborn intuition and act natural under all circumstances!‘

The second thing Sawai Sensei said to me was: ‘Taiki-ken will improve whatever you do, by mastering the essence of Taiki-ken, you will be more intuitive in your actions. Whatever you do, you will do it better with less effort. ‘

This feeling is expressed in a Chinese maxim:
‘Going in to a fight, must be like taking a walk, striking your opponent must be like snapping your fingers. ‘

Our personal thanks go to Yoshimichi Sato, Iwama Norimasa, Akio Sawai and all other members of the Taikiken group in Japan, Jan Kallenbach in The Netherlands and all martial artists around the world who devoted their lives to train and develop Yiquan or Taikiken as true forms of combat science.
And to the many present-day masters in China, like Wang Xuanjie, Yao Chengguang, Han Jingyu, Han Jingshen, Li Jiong, Cui Ruibin, Bo Jiacong, Wang Yongxiang, Wang Yongli and others in China, If you recognize your words or ideas concerning these martial arts written down on our site, see it as a compliment.
If that is not enough and you feel you deserve personal credits for the use of your intellectual property, please send as an e-mail and we are happy to mention you as a source of information.
Wang Xiangzhai 1885-1963
Sawai Kenichi 1903-1988
Taikiken: Intuitive Boxing
Taikiken intuïtief boksen tree drawing
Illustration Rinus Schulz
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(iBoxing, the Spontaneous Way)
Intuitive Boxing-Wuyiquan (Ron Nansink 1951) finds its roots in Taiki-ken (Sawai Kenichi 1903-1988) which developed it self from Yiquan (Wang Xiangzhai 1885-1963.)

Intuitive Boxing explained: Wuyiquan, wu (nothingness) yi (will, mind) quan (fist, boxing or method) helps you to clear your mind and body. The exercises we use in our training are only concepts to mold the body and get your natural movement and feeling working. Also see the Three Bao and The Seven Bao Firewall on this.
Intuitive boxing, being a ‘method of no method’ appears to be a paradox.
But like in most forms of mastery, you have to go through much effort to do things simple. The same is valid for moving and thinking in a natural (simple) way.
iBoxing - Taikiken

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