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The objective of Taikiken - TaiKi is to research and train an effective internal martial art with no fixed forms.

We propagate the concept of wudao (no fixed forms/techniques) instead of taolu (codified chained forms/techniques.) 

Our intention is to develop a clear concept for cutting edge martial art skills not only forceful in fighting but also equal effective in all other circumstances of daily life. 

Kenichi Sawai, founder of Taikiken expressed the need for what he called ‘spontaneous waza’ with the words ‘Love, fights and accidents always hit you unexpected.’ 

Before TaiKi -  Taikiken, Yiquan, and other wudao methods originated, most of the boxing styles consisted of taolu (fixed forms), for example the predecessor of yiquan, xingyiquan.

Xingyiquan was made of wuxingquan (five ways to punch), shi'erxing (twelve-forms) and laosanquan (the old three punches.) 

Although xingyiquan is already very simple and practical, it still falls into the category of a taolu (fixed forms), with codified chained movements. 

What most boxing forms have in common is that the have the opponent as the target of research. In other words they research how to beat an opponent and how not to get beaten by one. 

That means they all study the objective in this case a real human opponent with all his qualities and weakness.

After Wang Xiangzhai founded yiquan, on the basis of already understanding the objective, he took the study of wudao boxing a step forward. 

Wang Xiangzhai changed it into researching oneself, advancing to understanding tacitly by intuitive perception, which of course means intuitively perceiving one's own state. 

The changes of the objective are responded to with one's whole spirit. This means already knowing that only by completely grasping the state of one's mind and body, can one better deal with the ever-changing objective reality. 

Although Wang Xiangzhai made sure of the goal, there were still some insufficiencies in the training method, which made the learning to take a long period of ten years. 

Wang Xiangzhai had superb perceptiveness, he found the contradictions existing in theory and practice, but had not yet found a way to solve them, he had not illustrated the inevitability of these contradictions either. 

Therefore the next generations had to focus on understanding the method of understanding yiquan, Taikiken or intuitive boxing, hoping that both theory and practice can give a concrete and logical solution.

We have to understand the objective, secondly understand ourselves and thirdly understand the method of our understanding. 

From a philosophical point of view, it does not matter whether these three processes are processes of spirituality, human intellect or body movements.

All of them are kinds of movement processes for developing total knowledge and understanding of the movement of life.

That is, as time goes on, the process is unceasingly confirmed and at the same time negated, thereby unceasing movement forward emerges and contradiction is just an internal power within the movement. 

We feel the process of development of the knowledge and understanding of intuitive boxing in a lively way reflect brilliant philosophical rays of ancient Taoist wisdom. 

From inside we feel the joy of having an interesting and meaningful life, by the processes of studying and applying martial art as a science and a reliable form of self-defense

Intuitive boxing, Taikiken, Yiquan all help you to gain the knowledge of the law of the movement of life through your inner self and its intuitive perception.'

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Illustration Rinus Schulz


March 2023


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