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The Three Bao

The three Bao refer to body, mind and consciousness. Jing, Qi and Shen are known as the three elements. Bringing the three Bao together indicates the maturation of the elixir of life; integration of the three Bao signifies the completion of the elixir of life.

Jing (essence) is the basic substance for the construction of the human body, and the material basis of the tissues and organs. Jing can basically be seen as the body’s natural life energy, as well as what we might call ordinary strength, the energy acquired through nourishment and extended through effort.  Essence can be classified into two types: congenital essence and acquired essence, they are interdependent and mutually stimulating.
Congenital essence is received from ones parents and is also known as the ‘innate or ‘reproductive essence.‘
Acquired essence develops from the rarefied food and water substances after digestion.

Qi (vital energy) is a naive and simple conception of natural phenomena held by the ancient Chinese. The qi of the human body has three facets: The predominant one is rarefied substance that maintains the life process (or material element, eg qi of water and food, qi of respiration and genuine qi, etc.); qi is also actual activity -- the physiological functioning -- of the zang-fu organs and meridians; qi also means the self-adjustment between human body, change seasonal qi and emotions. Co-ordination of breath, mind, and strength in the practice of ‘internal exercises’ of intuitive boxing, helps you to circulate the defensive qi  around the body and guard it against any invasion by external pathogenic factors.

Shen (vitality) is essentially ‘mind, ‘including all the functions of consciousness, as well as the lower levels or activity. It manifests itself primarily as yi, thought intent or will. Shen is the generalization of conscious and all other forms of life activities. All mental and physical activities, including seeing, hearing, speaking thinking and bodily movements, are a manifestation of Shen. The ancients believed that a man’s Shen and physical form are inseparable and that a man will prosper if he gains Shen and die if he loses it.

Intutive Boxing Taikiken) training offers great tools for building and maintenance of the San Bao.
Taoism Jing (essence)
Taoism Qi (vital energy)
Taoism Shen (vitality)
Intuitive Boxing and the San Bao

Intuitive boxing is an alchemist mixture of basic ‘metals’ from different Martial Arts (internal, external), Qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoist Psychology and Rituals, contemporary Health improvement and managementtraining. Intuitive boxing always concentrate on nourishing life and the San Bao.
Taoism San Bao
Adding Life to your Years

Adding life to your years is traditional based on the theory of the ‘San Bao, or the Three Treasures,‘ the three universal forces in man which are essential for his existence. These are Jing, essence, Qi, vital breath, and Shen mind.
Taoism Wu Yi Quan
Taoism Wu Yi Quan
An old saying goes that there are three treasures in the sky:
the sun, the moon and the celestial bodies; there are three treasures on the earth: water, fire and wind;
and there are three treasures of man: Jing (essence), Qi (vital energy), and Shen (vitality).
Taikiken - Intuitive Boxing
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Taikiken - Intuitive Boxing
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The MartriX intuitive conflict management concept
The MartriX intuitive conflict management concept
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