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Important notice:

This introduction to the concept of Taikiken - TaiKi is partly compiled from information covering Taikiken, I Ken and Yiquan (Da Cheng Quan), in the printed press and on the Internet. The material used complies with our own experiences in life, training and teaching. We shortened, tailored and unified the material to suit the purpose, to give a compact introduction of a concept developed by different families from different cultures over a lengthy period of time. Special thanks and useful links to the resources and our inspirators we posted at the bottom of the San Shou (kumite) page.

Intuitive boxing - Wuyiquan, wu (nothingness) yi (will, mind) quan (fist, boxing or method), is an essential system of mind and body awareness it covers much more then martial art science alone. Martial art science covers most areas of life, as you will see by exploring our web site and our links. MartriX org. gives you a brief introduction of what we call ‘Intuitive Boxing’ or ‘No effort Boxing.’ Master Kenichi Sawai told us, his fellow Taikiken enthusiasts in Meiji jingu, that it is our personal task to research the roots of the internal martial arts deeply, to get close to the source of life. We were instructed do our utmost best to find through training and research, what our teachers did before us. 

Kenichi Sawai sensei told us:

‘Everything you master by your self is yours, everything you copy from me or someone else you borrowed.’

The famous Dutch Poet, Joost van den Vondel wrote in the early fifteen century: 

‘Many people learn from Masters mouth and others ears and eyes, not this ingenious one, I will drill deeper based on my own experience.'


Intuitive boxing and its predecessors Taikiken and Yiquan all have the goal to develop and cultivate the human natural intuitive abilities of mind and body. This is the highest reflection of man's elemental spirit, these natural intuitive abilities will bring one's physical and mental functions into full play. Summed up, it could be called man's quest for a healthy mind and body. 

Concretely it can be divided into three interconnected aspects: 

The first one is health, which includes both the mind and the body. When you are in good psychological and physical health, you can live a carefree life and do the things you want to. 

The second is the pursuit of an interesting and meaningful life. That means, by the processes of studying and applying Wuyiquan as a martial art science, you get rest in your life. You will gain knowledge of the law of the movement through your elemental spirit and its intuitive perception.'

The third is combat.

Only with a healthy intuitive mind and body, you react natural in combat and compete victoriously. Hence, Wuyiquan is not just a collection of boxing routines or fixed techniques and postures. The aim is to react spontaneous but effective under all circumstances. Its criterion is not that the correctness of boxing could be judged merely by victory or defeat.

To achieve this goal, MartriX org. makes clear that its focus of research is the whole movement process of life of mind and body. Intuitive boxing is developing awareness of the nature of life itself, to bring your natural talents and inborn instincts to fruition. 

Only after understanding this, the true meaning of intuitive boxing be considered to have been grasped.

The essence of our martial art training is getting in tune with Nature.

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Photographs: N. Kotrchova


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