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Workshops in Asia

93-days Sabbatical Leave -  Walk Your Own Path (click here)

is a 93-days workshop on different locations in Asia. You will travel, train and tune yourself with ancients philosophies and powerful nature. A great opportunity for those who want a change in life style, recharge their batteries and experience Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism from the inside.

Countries to visit and stay in Asia: Thailand, India or Bali, China.

Thailand Short Sabbatical Leave (click here)

is a 30-days workshop on different locations in Thailand. You will travel, train Wuyiquan and Taijiquan and tune yourself with the ancient philosophy and powerful nature. There you can see Buddhist philosophy reflected in daily life and sport (Thai boxing).

You will have the opportunity to participate in  local courses like Thai boxing, Thai cooking, Thai massage or meditation, which can give you something you can apply in your own life.


HOME •  About MartriX •  WorkshopsTrainersManagement  TrainingCoaching •  Intuitive Boxing  •  Taikiken  •  Hachidankin

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OUT OF SALE Taikiken week workshop

International Taikiken week workshop - Czech rep.

Natural Tuning  on Ibiza

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Taikiken: martial arts with profundity

Taikiken as a modern martial art is:

soft with a factor hard, active in silence, flexible in firmness, deliberately intuitive, subtle freedom guiding, depth, feeling, self-confidence, expressiveness and passion, detached connected, harmony and vitality, openness, felt sense, moved, patience, inner peace, independence, character, intuitively connected, courage, targeted goals, clarity, compassion, giving, care, health, mindfulness, resilience, empowerment, assertiveness, defensibility.

MartriX  International Martial Art Holidays & ZenmaX retreats


CZECH  REPUBLIC - active holiday

Summer week from  25 July - 31 July 2021

Taikiken Natural Tuning - Meditation, coordination and martial art (Taikiken) training.

The week is for adults with a good general physical and mental condition. And is suitable for persons with advanced skills and for beginners in a martial art/sport. The intensity depends on the group dynamics. …….more info about week in Czech republic here or ask via email

Location: Hrensko-Vysoká Lípa, National Park Bohemian Switzerland, North of Czech republic

Price: € 575,-* p.p. / week

                     Inschrijfformulier           Application form

   (Deposit of minimum €290,- of the price is required)                                                 

* Price is inclusive accomodation - 6 nights,  based on two persons in one room, with meals and training. Traveling expences are not included in the workshop price!

AMSTERDAM -  spring training

Saturday morning training with Taikiken basic excercises, Baduanjin (Qigong) en Taichi.

Experience in martial arts or Taikiken is not required, good general health and the motivation to train together is enough.

Date: Saturday 05 March 2016

Time: 10:00 - 11:30 hour

Location: Amstelpark, Europaboulevard,1083 HZ Amsterdam (Saturday free parking)

              Price: € 20,- p.p.

              Registration: via email


IBIZA - SPAIN -  retreat

Week from  30 October - 05 November 2016

ZenmaX Natural Tuning - to re-grow and empower your original Self.

Body Orientated Mindfulness is high impact Self-Empowerment to restore your Selfness in relationships and daily life. Boost up your internal strength depleted by a wide range of habits.

Location: Casa Gazebo, Cap Martinet, Ibiza, Spain

             …..more info coming soon or ask via email

Price: € 900,- 1100,- p.p. / week (6 nights accommodation, depending on the room:shared or single;excl. travel expenses)

SPECIAL OFFER for Ibiza residents ( all training & meals, excl. accommodation; excl. travel expenses):

                    5 full days for € 475,- p.p.

                    3 full days for € 295,- p.p.

                    2 full days for € 200,- p.p.

…….more info about week on Ibiza here or ask via email

                      Inschrijfformulier           Application form

     (Deposit of minimum 50% of the price is required)

Taikiken training sessions in the Netherlands

Taikiken Tui shou pushing hands Taikiken sitting meditation Taikiken pushin hands application Photographs by N. Kotrchova, R. Nansink