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Your Way to Health - Green juices
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Drinking your Way to Health
 Green Juices (2)
Manual Green Juicer

Sturdy Chrome Plated Cast Iron
Stainless Steel Juicing Screens
(1.1 mm mesh screen & one larger hole screen)
Rust Resistant With Proper Use
Clamps to Table Top
Cushioned Rubber Pad to Protect Table Surface
Juices Approximately 1 Oz. Per Minute
Weight: 4 kilogram

The Porkert juices abundant natural goodness from wheat grass, barley grass and green vegetables.
The Porkert is easy and safe to use. No mess!
The Porkert makes delicious seed and nut butters.
The Porkert purees fruits and vegetables quickly.
The Porkert cleans in seconds.
The Porkert is cast iron rust-resistant manufacture.
The Porkert is fully imported quality.
The Porkert is completely guaranteed for one year.
The Porkert Wheat grass Juicer includes FREE step-by-step wheat grass growing instructions.

"We must give our bodies the rich nourishment from vegetables, greens, and fruits; and sprouted seeds, beans and grains.  When these foods are combined with proper rest and activity, and a healthy positive attitude, the body and will are strengthened and even the most serious health problems may be overcome"
-- Ann Wigmore
Manual Green Juicer - Porkert
Manual Green Juicer
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