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MartriX TheFeel management training
Transform your leadership skills with MartriX TheFeel: the ultimate fusion of management training, personal growth, and Taoist martial arts philosophy. Fine-tune your human resources and reduce interference for more coherence and flow. Round on the outside, square on the inside.

"Transform Your Leadership Skills with MartriX TheFeel: The Ultimate Fusion of Management Training, Personal Growth, and Taoist Martial Arts Philosophy"

Round on the Outside - Square on the Inside

A Refreshing and vitalizing Leadership and Management training event, designed to fine-tune your valuable Human resources.

Develop more coherence and Flow by reducing interference, and tune compatibility in management teams.

MARTRIX Management training like Martial Arts is about results, it is challenging, fun, active and synergetic.

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Looking to fine-tune your team's skills and improve their performance? Our transformative leadership training program combines contemporary management techniques with the ancient wisdom of Taoism and martial arts such as Taikiken, Taijiquan, and Qigong. Our multidisciplinary approach focuses on personal growth, team balancing, and conflict management to enhance personal effectiveness and achieve team success. All our products are made-to-measure, and we offer booking information, request forms, and contact us options for your convenience.

In the spirit of Taoism, MartriX Management & Leadership Training offers a transformative approach to discovering your strengths on the working floor - all with a smile! Our training is an alchemistic fusion of martial arts (Taikiken, Taijiquan, Qigong), Taoism, and contemporary management techniques. We integrate physical, mental, and spiritual elements to create a holistic training experience.

Our interactive workshops and seminars focus on themes such as personal effectiveness, team balancing, leadership, and conflict management. We take a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating challenging concepts like:

"Round on the Outside, Square on the Inside," "Asking and Giving Attention," "Reading the Air," "Follow the Feel," "Action-Reaction," "Protecting Borders," "Conflict Management," and "Dealing with Resistance."

At MartriX, we believe in having fun while learning. Our training offers a refreshing change of pace - a different way of moving and thinking that is both energizing and challenging. Our experienced trainers guide participants through personal learning moments, helping them develop a more intuitive awareness in action - what we call "The Feel." It's a type of meditation in slow motion, coordinating body and mind, and it will make you more aware of your interactions with others and your position in life.

But it's not just about personal growth - our training can also benefit your company or organization. We offer made-to-measure products to suit your unique needs, helping you fine-tune your team's skills and improve their performance on the working floor. Whether you're looking for a welcome relaxing and energizing intermezzo during a demanding management training or an independent workshop, MartriX has you covered.

So, let us help you discover your true potential with MartriX Management & Leadership Training. For booking information or to make special requests, please use our request form or contact us directly via email.


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