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Unlock inner peace through Taoist rituals of cleaning, writing, and burning. Release the past and find calm with this transformative practice.
Unlock inner peace through Taoist rituals of cleaning, writing, and burning. Release the past and find calm with this transformative practice.

Deep within us lives a stranger, someone unknown, our other I, our forgotten I,

a stranger who sees our origin via the never exposed roots of our energy.

"Discover the Taoist Perspective on Selfness and Reclaim Your Original Self with Our Warrior's Journey"

Reclaiming your original self is the most precious gift you can offer yourself. Let us explore the Taoist perspective on selfness, the second part of this triptych. The warrior's journey is a challenging and genuine spiritual game that we should savor!

The dormant strength of Tao resides within you, waiting to support you in creating a higher level of existence. To access this inner force, you must do the necessary work to hear your silent inner inspiration and perceive your innate power. You must surrender your conditioning, morphology, and even common knowledge to harmoniously become part of the Whole. Life is naturally abundant, and our capacity to receive this abundance is the only variable. Who and what you think you are, consciously and unconsciously, determines this capacity. How does your self-perception lead to self-sabotage and self-weakening?

Allowing others to make choices for you can shape not only your mind but also your material form. Thus, placing "Own choice is worth thinking" high in your warrior standard is essential. As the Chinese maxim says, "If your mind is in the right setting, your life follows suit."

Zhuang Tzu, a Taoist scholar, believed that martial arts lead to Tao. Although martial arts represent only a small part of Tao, their academic theory is endless, and only those with a natural and unaffected mighty spirit and no frivolity and arrogance towards worldly affairs can be compared to sages and are worthy of studying martial arts. Mind-body combat sciences, such as Intuitive Boxing, Taikiken, Yiquan, are focused on cultivating a natural and unaffected mighty spirit, where we can make great progress.

The spiritual game of fitness requires a skillful combination of physical training and the use of neglected powers of the mind, such as concentration, meditation, visualization, and inner sensing. Inner work helps develop inner technologies.

Conditioning, morphology, and attention-seeking memories block a natural, unaffected spirit, intuitive perception, and spontaneous natural reactions. Emotional rubbish consists of pain that is no longer useful and precautions that serve no purpose. The warrior separates the useful from the unnecessary and disposes of emotional rubbish.

A companion may ask, "But that's part of my history. Why should I eliminate feelings that marked my existence?" The warrior responds with a smile, understanding that feelings can change as we change, and he wants his feelings to keep pace with him.

What is freedom? It is growing beyond the resistance of personal and collective human conditioning. To be free, we must wake up and have the courage to judge nothing that appears in our perception. We live without resistance, truly perceiving and listening. Lao-tzu said, "The Sage lives without resistance, and so nobody can resist him."

Conversely, those who are not free cannot communicate, knowing only a weak reflection of true communication. Most of us judge instead of perceiving, expressing opinions and reasoning away ideas. We justify and talk without coming to the point. We compare everything consciously and unconsciously with what we already know, expressing opinions that reveal our ignorance and insecurity. Becoming free of our past means becoming free of our conditioning.

Taoist rituals for self-management, cleaning, and health help us connect with our forgotten selves, our other I. This stranger within us sees our origin through the never-exposed roots of our energy, everything in the light of its natural connection. Let everything be chosen by your natural connection, for natural intuition is the master of awareness.

If you strive for manners, you polish your nature and fade away your feelings. You may desire something, but you are constrained by measures. Your heart may be crazy about something, but you are restricted

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