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Ron Nansink, martial art and management development

Ron is the co-founder of the MartriX martial art and management training concept, an alchemistic blend of Taikiken, Taijiquan, Taoist philosophy and rehabilitation through sport. Ron offers you training and coaching, injected with mind and body enriching tools for personal health and leadership & management development. 

Ron’s martial art biography in short.

Ron started with Kyokushin karate in 1967 his teacher was Rinus Schulz a high ranked instructor in the Jon Bluming dojo in Amsterdam. Five years later (1972) he joined Jan Kallenbach in his Shin Bu Ken dojo where Yoshimichi Sato and later Akio Sawai and Iwama Norimasa introduced Taikiken to a select group of Kyokushin instructors. Ron was deeply touched by the simplicity, effectiveness and the Taoist philosophical background of Taikiken. Ron was a talented student, eager to study all the possibilities of Taikiken, this resulted in an invitation to come to Japan for further study under Master Kenichi Sawai himself. In 1975 Ron arrived in Tokyo for a seven-month intensive Taikiken study. Masashi Saito was appointed as Ron’s Taikiken mentor, together they trained in the early morning to Meiji Jingu park, seven days a week. The training started with half an hour Ritsuzen (zhan zhuang) standing meditation, Hai (crawling), basis stepping (mo ca bu), Yuri testing force (shi li), some pushing hands (tui shou.) After a short breakfast break it was time for a second round in the park, most of the time with Hatsuo Royama was also doing his Taikiken training there. On the Sunday mornings Kenichi Sawai joined his students in Meiji Jingu to teach and test his students skills personally, the training finished with kumite (free fight.) After the training the whole group always spend a few hours relaxing in the Renoir coffee shop listening to the stories of Sawai sensei.

Sometimes Ron was lucky to receive Sawai sensei’s personal attention, during his visits to Sawai sensei’s home or his little restaurant in Ikebukero. Since Masashi Saito was also a taijiquan student, Ron decided to study taijiquan. Ron was living in Tokyo when Kenichi Sawai died in 1988, he attended his funeral ceremony to pay respect to a great mentor, who deeply influenced his living, feeling and thinking. Ron traveled many times to China and countries in South-east Asia to research and train the roots of Taikiken, Taijiquan and other martial arts. The clarity and practical usefulness of Taoist philosophy inspires him in his daily life. In 1978 Ron had a rare opportunity to be initiated in the Wong Loo Sen See Chee Choong Temple, in Kuala Lumpur, this initiation into the realm of the Wuji (the supreme void) filled in the mystifying, metaphysical part of Taoism.

Ron’s Management training biography in short

Over the years his focus of practicing and teaching martial art, moved forwards and backwards between the many different aspects of martial art like: health and sustainability, philosophy, fighting, healing, spirituality and management and leadership development.

In 1977 Ron became one of the first martial instructors trainers to use his skills and knowledge of oriental philosophy in management training and coaching for companies like KLM, Samson, Casino Holland and others. His first coaching client was Jan Lammers who he physically and mentally prepared for his career in formula one car racing. Meeting celebrities and captains of industry, and their positive reactions on his work made him realize, that martial art as a concept for professional team building and coaching had a prosperous future.

In 1978 he started to used high tech equipment like a thermograph and a spectrum analyzer to visualize the ancient Chinese concepts about energy and polarities and the invisible interactions between people and there environment. From his findings he developed a contemporary form of feng shui to create a more sustainable environment to live and work in,together with martial art this is ten basis of his management and leadership training.

At present he enjoys an inspiring career in training and coaching, hundreds of companies and organizations already made use of his skills to work with their individual workers and teams. Ron teaches all the way, from playful schoolchildren to middle aged captains of industry. He guaranties that from family tuning to leadership and management development, it is all the same important to him, he does it with the same integrity and the same mesmerizing power.

For more the a decade Ron also organizes and participates in Natural Tuning retreats all around Europe, where he helps people to boost up there natural instincts and their relationship with nature.

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