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In some Taoist trends they even stress that it is very important to clear the weaknesses and mistakes of the last nine generations.

Promise of improvement: you ponder or meditate over your life and write down on three sheets of paper three identical lists with all conditioning, convictions, weaknesses in short terms down and also the ‘mistakes’ which you made in your life or still make.

How does the ritual works? The road to Now, by releasing the past with fire.

When in ancient China people got weakened or sick, they often went to see a Taoist master who urged them to self regeneration and self healing as follows.

How to write the Cleaning Formulas:

Preparation for writing the formulas: Take several paper sheets, a pen or pencil, find a quiet and comfortable place to think and write, and start the cleaning job.

And you declare in written words that you feel sorry for your behavior and promise yourself ceremonious that you are willing to correct these conditioning, convictions, weaknesses and mistakes. You promise yourself not to repeat your weaknesses and mistakes, otherwise you punish your Self in the long run with unhappiness, sickness and even death.

This is the most severe form of promise, for lighter weaknesses and mistakes or if you are not so sure about your character decide then what punishment you can inflict on yourself. Avoid with incorruptible promises to repeat your behavior. 

Delete health consuming qualities.

Some examples of exhausting or weakening behavior are: smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, drugs, gambling, sexual exhausting, desire to please, being submissive, work addiction, bad or unlimited eating and other health and life threatening habits.

After this you write down all your fears, grief addictions, and known sources of depression, you request them in writing to leave your bodies and different levels of awareness.

The next step is that you write on the sheets of paper that you give all the energy of others back which you carry within you or around you to the rightful owners. 

After that you write down that you want all the energy back which others wrongfully took away from you and keep captive.

Check everything you have written down carefully and verify if the entries touch the essence of your feelings and deepest emotions.

If you are convinced that this, for the moment is the best you can get on paper, you are ready for the great energy regulating/transformation.

It is time to say goodbye to your bad habits and weaknesses!

How to do this?

one form must be burnt and send to heaven by fire,


one form must beburied in the earth,


one form must be sunk in the river.

In ancient and even in most modern cultures this are still the traditional and ritual ways (cremating, burying, and a seaman's grave) of say farewell to a deceased, also known as someone who went out of time, out of the Now.

Burning, burying and sinking are deeply interwoven in our inner feelings and emotions as a farewell ritual for something we definitive part with in the physical form.

Therefore the WUJI cleaning ritual works so effective, you ponder over your life, and actively say goodbye to memories which went out of time and matters that consume you energetically. 

If you feel that the original ancient trinity method is too much work, or if you are not in the circumstances to perform the ritual safely, then you can reduce the ritual to Release the past with fire. 

Ritually burning your past is the strongest form and it also works very good on its own. 

NOTE! In some Taoist trends they even stress that it is very important to clear the weaknesses and mistakes of the last nine generations. This to clean your family karma, or your family tracks with all morphology, in which you quietly follow your past. For the real freedom fighters under you this is surely worth giving it a good thought. 

But it is important that you first clean up the Now and your direct vicinity, then you slowly go back in your own past and that of previous generations that still lie dormant within you. What you see/experience as the past is a memory track stored in your nerve system, memories of a previous Now. If you remember the past, you start this memory track through which your nerve system will experience the past as Now, you can get scared and sad from something from the past, that does not any longer exist in the Now. In the beginning you will notice that you regained enormous amounts of energy and that new insights and ideas apparently pop out of nothing.

If you have cleaned up the first load of A 4’s with inner inconsistencies, there will be an unknown inner peace and you will develop the for Martial arts required natural and motionless mind. If you later notice severe reactions in your nerve system or mind, it will be easier to trace the source and neutralize it. You will notice that it will get more quit in your mind and body, and that you can stay totally focused on the Now and enjoy it fully.

Be careful in your writing your formulas and think very well that he of she who can calculate it, decides what will happens and within your own life it better be you.


Be careful with the use of fire, use only fire on places which are suitable and safe to burn something without damaging your surroundings. Taking responsibility for your action is the first step to self mastery, so once more be careful.


If you change, this can have interfering influence on your surroundings!

Be well aware that family constellations and friend constellations, but also social constellations are often in a fragile equilibrium based on habits! If you are going to change yourself radical, others in the constellation automatically have to choose new position and that can be very surprising in both directions.











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