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Get your feeling working!

A Chinese maxim says:

If your mind is in the right setting,

life follows suit.

By allowing your mind no own (Self) choice, but leaving the choice largely to others, will result in, that your material form, your body will be shaped by others as well.

That is why it is utmost important to place ‘Own choice is worth thinking’ high in your Martial Arts standard.

An old Chinese Maxim says: If your mind is in the right setting, your life follows suit.

Zhuang tzu said: Martial Arts do indeed enter Tao, although the Martial Arts are just a small Tao, people can hardly realize, that its academic theory is endless. Of all those who study these arts, only those who have a natural and unaffected mighty spirit and lack the qi of frivolity and arrogance towards worldly affairs, can be compared to the sages and thus are worthy to learn these arts. Mind-Body combat sciences like Intuitive Boxing, Taikiken, Yiquan etc. are focused on cultivating a natural and unaffected mighty spirit, I think that is where we can make great progress.

The ‘spiritual game’ of fitness. The next breakthroughs in athletic performance will come not so much from muscle bulk and skeletal strength as from a skillful combination of physical training and the use of such neglected powers of the mind as concentration, meditation, visualization, and inner sensing. Inner work turns our attention to development what we may call inner technologies.

Conditioning, morphology and attention asking memories block a natural unaffected spirit, every form of intuitive perception and spontaneous natural reactions.

There is such a thing as emotional rubbish; it is produced in the factories of the mind. It consists of pain that has long since passed and is no longer useful. It consist of precautions that were important in the past, but serve no purpose in the present.

The warrior has memories too, but he learns how to separate the useful from the unnecessary; he disposes of his emotional rubbish.

A companion says: ‘But that’s part of my history. Why should I eliminate feelings that marked my very existence?

The warrior smiles, but he does not try to feel things that he not longer feels. He is changing and he wants his feelings to keep pace with him.

Release from the Matrix

The most difficult challenge and task in combat science path is to escape from an invisible enforced or voluntary learned awareness Matrix. It seems, that this Matrix simply takes advantage of a sort of mind control already operating in our everyday world. We are told, that what keeps people from taking control of the Matrix world is taking for granted the common sense view of how things behave, such as, if you fall you will get hurt. More generally, what keeps people in line is their tendency to believe what the average person believes, and consequently keep doing (and not doing) what one does and doesn't do. (As in one eats peas with a fork, one doesn’t throw food at the floor, and one goes out the door rather than the window.)

Unlearning conformity is not only the hardest and difficult internal and external fighting art challenge, but also an adventurous voyage to reach your own Self awareness.

Both ‘MartriX Real Life Spiritual Games’ and ‘The Wuyiquan Intuitive Learning Method’, have integrated the old tested Taoist WUJI method of Intuitive Writing and releasing the past with fire. This WUJI method helps you to renew the mystery of the natural way; the Tao within your Self. With this WUJI method you extremely successfully neutralize your engraved morphology and latent present attention asking memories. Maybe as an experienced Martial artist or sportsman the question pops up. Why is it so important to be Self Aware? Because if you want to be your inner master, you must first know, who you really are and for who you take responsibility. Knowledge over who you really are is the key to the highest league of the Martial artists.

Self-knowledge is hard work on your Self! All false personages must be dissolved or overgrown. That asks tremendous courage. If you know what you are doing however, it is not as difficult as it looks. It requires only a terrific discipline. Only those who have the right self-discipline will make it to the finish. The best form of discipline is self-discipline. That means, to be nobodies follower, but intentionally observe yourself, day after day, without judgment.

It does not mean, that you cannot have a teacher. It means, that what you possibly learn from a teacher, always test from your own experience. You do not take things for granted, also not from me or what you are reading right now. If you perceive something else then the source or the teacher says, be your own authority. Try what you experience as valuable and if it does not fit with your own observation: throw it overboard. Learning, real learning requires passion, the passion to discover yourself. This requires freedom of conditioning, great curiosity, intensity and direct perception and experience. That is real self-discipline, start learning and by working with it!

Your first Brain quake

You don not see the world as it is, but as you are! Your Matrix determines what you are able to see, how you think, and what you do. You do not question its accuracy because you are usually unaware of its existence. A Matrix is like hypnosis!

As a person you react nearly exclusively from your conditioning. You are inwardly divided. You are not complete, not healed. You get lost in your inner inconsistencies. You suppress all sorts of inner conflicts and therefore only can see a split world. The world does not exist. The only thing what exist is your perception of the world which is not objective.

Countless fragments in you fight for domination. Now an influence of your father crops up, then that of your mother, then a roll model, then the roll of a personage which you have resisted yourself against strongly and by doing that you surely have recorded some patterns in your subconscious. Some fragments are connected to social conditioning, other ones come from collective patterns and conviction. You do everything by habit or because you have learned to do so by Matrix ‘osmoses’ that it is the way to do it.

You become deluded in your essence by all kinds of untruthfulness and convictions from all kind of sources, particularly authorities and experiences. You become all the time less your SELF and more and more a product in conformity with family circumstances and a social design of the ruling Matrix. The ruling Matrix is ruthless under a veneer of refinement. You do not want to be conditioned by it. If you want to reach the essence of combat science: compassion, comfort, happiness and strength.

An average person has thousands and thousands of similar fragments, all with their own opinions and oddities. The life of an average person is an enormous energy consuming daily task. Sometimes you get tired of your own inner population and genetic terror. Now and then you feel similar to a chameleon.

You wonder:

Why in god’s name did I say that?

Or you think things like: I wish I could get rid of the habit, but it is as if there is a strange force inside that let me do these things.

Or: I feel myself so clumsy when someone does pedantic to me.

All fragments. Thousands and thousands. That is not living. That is a fight, a struggle. That is surviving, not living.

That is why you as a prospective master in the Martial arts have to be free of past and future. You know intuitive, from your totality, what you have to do, you do not have to think about it. That is why you are more awake and quicker. Your is a graceful dancer who became dancing itself. There is no Martial artist on any format who thinks: What do I have to do now? Because it goes all to quick in a real fight. Who wants to be good must get free of the need to think. You act from your sixth sense. The sixth sense is infinite much more powerful then the sum of the other five senses and the brain together. Someone who lives by his sixth sense, deals with life in a way of synthesis instead of an annalistic way. Analysis is always about fragments. Synthesis is about the whole.

Illustraties Rinus Schulz

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