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"Unlocking the Secrets of Traditional Medicine: Baduanjin Exercise for Mind-Body Wellness and Longevity"

"Discover the power of Baduanjin exercises for Health and Longevity. Based on ancient Chinese medicine, these exercises are a necessity for a healthy life." #fitness #health #ChineseMedicine

These exercises can

• stimulate the sexual function

• increase hormones

• spur the circulation of the main and collateral channels

• balance YIN (earthly energy) and YANG (heavenly energy) to obtain the goals of reducing weight

• preserving the gracefulness of the body

• retaining the moisture and softness of the skin

• keeping fit and living long.

Qigong with Baduanjin (eight graceful forms) is a kind of dynamic qigong practice having the characteristics of both qigong and health-strengthening exercises. Everyone who want to do ancient body building exercise must understand that the exercises are for preserving health, they are for people to build up health and promote skills in sports activities while provides rehabilitative activities aiming primarily at helping patients recover the various functions. The exercises are effective for people of old and middle age, weak or sick, overweight.

The “Eight-length Brocade” exercise

This exercise consist of eight sections (forms), which the ancients thought as beautiful as brocade, hence name. To practice this exercise one must keep a tranquil mind, concentrate the mind on Dantian (elixir field) and pose as if the head is suspended with mouth shut, the tongue-tip resting on the palate, the eyes looking straight forward, the body relaxing as a whole, and breathing natural. It's practiced in the morning and evening in fresh air for 15-30 min. each time. In addition Baduanjin can be used as a warming up exercise.

Section 1. Both Hands Stretching Upward Regulating the San Jiao. This exercise promotes the dispersing function of the lung, normalizes the function of the stomach and spleen; sliming, preventing kyphosis. Also has effect of improving the function of the spine and preventing and treating cervical spondylartritis periarthritis of shoulder and scoliosis.

Section 2. Bending a Bow with Alternate Hands to Shoot Vulture. This section can expand the chest, relieve functional disturbances of the lung-qi, and limber up arms and shoulders; prevent and treat diseases in the neck and shoulder, pain in lower back and leg.

Section 3. Stretching One Hand Upward

This regulate the function of the stomach and spleen, promoting digestion and removing food stagnancy.

Section 4. Looking Round Removing Five Kinds of Consumptive Diseases and Seven Kinds of Impairment.

This section can enrich the essence and blood, tranquilize the mind and replenish plentiful essence to the zang-fu organs so that five kinds of consumptive diseases and seven kinds of impairment are removed.

Section 5.Shaking the Head and Wagging the Tail To Eliminate the Heart-Fire.

This section has tranquillising effect and is chiefly used for neurasthenia and irritability. It can also improve the motor function of the waist and knees.

Section 6.

Touching the Feet With Hands to Strengthen the Waist.

It is indicated in the treatment of lumbago. Promoting a smooth flow of the qi of the urinary bladder channel and strengthen the defensive energy to protect the integument and musculature against external pathogens, thus no disease can occur.

Section 7. Clenching the Fists with Eves Open for Increasing Strength. It's used for prevention and treatment of diseases in the neck, shoulder and lumbar region, also for increasing physical strength. Improves the power of muscles in the chest, the shoulders, the arms, the waist, the back, the legs, etc., and enhances their strength.

Section 8. Lifting the Soles Seven TimesIt's chiefly used for regulating the meridians all over the body and improving their functions. When directing qi downward by the will, the blood pressure can also be reduced.

baduanyin supporting heaven
baduanyin shooting the heavy bow
baduanyin separating heaven and earth
baduanyin the wise owl gazes around
baduanyin looking at your opposite knee
baduanyin lifting up the earth
baduanyin six punches
baduanyin standing on your toes

Text: Naďa Kotrchova Drawings: Rinus Schulz


April 2023

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