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Taikiken DVD for Selftraining

This DVD shows you the foundation of Taikiken as an naikaken (internal form) of martial art. The axis is balancing your subtle energy components of mind and body. You will learn how to control your subtle body movements by using an image (inen.)

Ritsuzen, yuri, hai neri, suishuo and tanshu are the most important exercises on the DVD to develop the ‘holistic force’ (kongen ryoku.)

This dvd, which focuses on self-training in the nature, is filmed on the gashuku location in Czech republic.

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TranceDucer (Bobber)

The Bobber is hand made perceiving tool from bamboo, amber, silver and a flexible steel wire, weighted at the tip.

Perceiving Tools are often used to assist in contacting and understanding a Perceiver's intuition or link to a higher intelligence.

Bobbers are used in reading Runes, accessing the 'I Ching', and understanding the Tarot.

This is an excellent tool to use in Taoist Healing and Cleaning Rituals like Writing and Burning. (real life spiritual games)

The Bobber is used pointing downwards at about 45 degrees angle.

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TranceDucer (L-Rod)

Our L-rods sets are hand made of wood, bamboo, silver and thin but sturdy messing wires, bent at a right angle to form a L-shape. The short end is meant for holding as the long end is then allowed to swing horizontally. It is most common to use one rod in each hand. The L-rods are perceiving tools believed to deflect when encountering an energy field, be it the human aura, the bio magnetic field of a plant, E-rays from cracks in the ground, or any other hypothetical field not measurable by common means.

Holding a L-rod (Spanish Rod): arms along the body bent at 90 degrees, palms facing each other in a "pistol grip" rods parallel in horizontal plane.

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TaoTuner Pro Life Jewellery with a heartbeat.

The high-tech pro life jewellery are hand made from ‘Life-Wood’ (Pok wood), Platinum, Gold and Silver combined with an alchemistic mixture of rare chemicals. The TaoTuner keeps you tuned with Tao, the ambient cosmic pulsating rhythm of life.

You could say that the TaoTuner is a Jewel with a Heart Beat, it keeps your heart in tune with your Self Managing. As you possibly already noticed, life and other people ask attention from us, sometimes so much, that our own control and emotions are easy overruled by it. The Heart of the TaoTuner is a piece of electronics , that boosts up a weak cosmic beat that connects us with what is ambient around us. Normally you can only reach this Beat or Frequency {7,8 Hz} when you are sleeping well or in deep meditation. This beat acts straight on your nerve system and calms it down and tunes you. It is very important, that we keep close to our Self and use our energy to grow into what we truly are.

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Drawing of a Bobber, a bio sensor
Drawing L rods field sensors
Taikiken dvd
Photo bamboo bobbers
Photo bamboo bobbers
L rod handles
TaoTuner exclusive jewelry
Tao tuner jewelry designs
L rods in bamboo case
Tao tuner jewelry designs
Tao tuner jewelry designs

Manual Fruit Extractor PORKERT®type 2A

The old Chinese saying that “food is the first necessity for the people” reflects the vital importance of food in daily life.

Wheat grass has what is called the grass-juice factor, which has been shown to keep herbivorous animals alive indefinitely.

Manual Fruit Extractor PORKERT®type 2A serves for juicing all kinds of fruit, soft or berries, to produce jam or marmalade. This machine is suitable for juicing tomatoes,

green Wheat Grass and Barley Grass.

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Porkert hand juicer

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