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These MartriX Video Clips of rare Martial Art we shot during our training and traveling.

We share them with you to Get The Feeling Working.

We are happy we can show you a few video material from the early morning atmosphere of some cities in China. Further we would like to also share a glimpse of Bamboo Kuning (yellow bamboo), a form of spiritual Pentjak Silat. All these clips were made during our stay Asia (1999/2000), we hope you enjoy the sometimes magical atmosphere of the martial art training as much as we did.

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CHINA: Beijing (Summer Palace), Chengdu and Kunming related video clips:

A Chinese form of Kettle bell training

It is known that legendary fighting monks of the famed Shaolin temple used granite padlocks as training tool to enhance their fighting skills…

Free tree massage In the Summer Palace in Beijing people make full use of the natural surrounding…..

Timeless stretching - old age, young muscles As you can see from this senior wushu enthusiastic's in the Summer Palace in Beijing, stretching is timeless

The man with the iron balls The video shows an ancient form of wushu training with iron balls. This older gentleman show his skills in Kunming.

Qigong in Kunming On the main square in Kunming there are several qigong groups active in the early morning…..

Taijiquan group in Kunming This taijiquan group is training on the main square in Kunming, China. They accept foreign students.

Summer Palace - Beijing (part 2.) In the Summer Palace you can see a great varieties of wushu and qigong concepts.

Some are completely alien to western viewers.

Calligraphy with water In this clip we captured brilliant calligraphy, created with pencil stroke using water. Enjoy the moment and let it go again.

Summer Palace - Beijing (part 4.) Walking backwards to go forward, a health improvement phenomenon in China.

INDONESIA - BALI: Bamboo Kuning (Yellow Bamboo) related video clips:

Bamboo Kuning Magic Force Bamboo Kuning experts releasing force at a beautiful black beach on east Bali. Normal Balinese people see this form of exerting strength as a form of white magic.

Bamboo Kuning form (part 1.) Bamboo Kuning followers training at a beautiful black beach on East Bali.

Bamboo Kuning Meditation A Bamboo Kuning training starts with a short ceremony at a local temple on Bali. Balinese are very spiritual in nature and are used to work with the forces of nature.

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