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Ancient Taoism in Contemporary

Management Training & Martial Art

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Management and leadership training grounding

with some people,

we turn into creative stars;

with others, we mutate into shutdown dorks.

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"Unlock Your Potential with Intuitive Coaching and Management Training: Transform Your Life and Build Strong Relationships with Taoist Alchemy and Executive Coaching for Performance Improvement"

Unlock Your Potential and Transform Your Life with Intuitive Coaching!

Intuitive Coaching is a powerful approach that taps into the unseen, untapped potential within each of us. By working with your unconscious and unarticulated thoughts, you can mold your relationships and turn confusion into opportunity.

The Power of the Subtle Body

Intuitive Coaching transcends traditional "relationship" building by focusing on the space between people where meaning thrives and creation happens. By understanding the "subtle body" that arises in interactions, you can deepen relationships from a power dynamic to one of respect. This way of working with human relationships involves dealing with the external fields that hold the "mad parts of sane people." MartriX coaches help you grasp the dynamic processes of discovery, creation, and growth.

The Tao of Transformation

Taoist alchemy provides a valuable metaphor for handling this chaos, as it prioritizes transformation over cause-and-effect. Our coaching program aims to help you overcome conscious and unconscious barriers, develop conflict management skills, and establish your personal vision.

What to Expect

Our one-on-one program consists of half-day sessions tailored to your schedule. Our highly skilled coaches have a martial arts background and are trained in the latest personal coaching techniques. With Intuitive Coaching, you can turn psychological deficits into triumphs, improve your performance, reduce stress, and increase your choices in any situation where these factors are lacking.

Who Can Benefit

Our coaching program is ideal for executives, employees, and anyone who feels "stuck" in their work, isn't performing to their full potential, or lacks motivation. With Intuitive Coaching, you'll gain fresh perspectives and unlock your full potential.

Personal Coaching - Price List

1 person: €75 per hour

2 people: €50 per person per hour

3 people: €40 per person per hour

4 people: €37.50 per person per hour

Note: 21% tax added for corporate participants.

Pre-paid set of 10 sessions valid for 3 months.

Specials and extended coaching or coaching for companies - price on request!

One hour Personal Training for set of 10 sessions*:

1 pers. á € 700,-

2 pers. á € 450,- p.p.

3 pers. á € 360,- p.p.

4 pers. á € 350,- p.p.

Don’t hesitate to contact us! coaching@martrix.org

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