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Unlock the Power of Rituals

Unlock the Power of Rituals: Exploring the Symbolic Content and Magical Powers of Fixed Structure and Invisible Creative Forces




A ritual is an act performed with a state of mind of attention and respect. Within this definition, therefore, any action can acquire ritual power.A ritual is characterized by a fixed structure of beginning, middle part and end, so that it is also clear when the action is over.


A ritual derives its power from the fact that the act in question acquires a greater energetic charge as attention, respect and intensity are pursued with greater care. A ritual can be a voice exercise, a movement exercise or just being silent. Usually, however, a ritual involves an action with symbolic content.This symbolic load means that a movement or object forms a representation of invisible creative forces or refers to an underlying meaning.The loading of a ritual is done partly by the intention with which the symbol in question is manipulated, and partly by making explicit agreements. These can be, for example, agreements about what an object symbolizes in a ritual, or what an employee's role in a ritual is. has.It is important that the symbols are not only given a certain charge, but that at the end of the ritual it is also decided whether the charge in question is removed from the symbol, or whether it remains explicitly connected to it.


Of the many types of rituals, the following are of interest to us:

1 . RITUAL OF TRANSITION. The most important form of rituals concerns the kind of acts that represent or aim to bring about a transition from one phase to another. In principle, such rituals are always one-off, because they have the intention of bringing about or confirming a definitive change. Experience shows that the greater the intensity of consciousness with which a ritual is performed, the more deeply the relevant change is anchored in one's own body or energy fields.

2. CYCLIC RITUAL. When maintaining magical powers, it is important to repeatedly perform the same rituals in order to maintain, change or increase the charge on a certain object, or to continue to care for a certain sacred space. The cyclical aspect of a particular ritual can eventually extend in such a way that the sacred space expands more and more into everyday life, giving even the smallest encounter at the bus or tram stop a powerful charge. 

This has to do with the attitude with which a certain contact is made and the realization that a deeper mystery can unfold at any moment.The ultimate consequence of a cyclical ritual is that a certain cult arises. This does not mean cultish worship, but the maintenance of certain sacred connections, especially where support is experienced, where beauty is recognized, and where gratitude is practiced as part of daily mystical or occult hygiene.


Rituals can be performed:to process a specific event; this also includes the release of feelings, emotions and sentiments in others (symbolically, for example, in previous generations who have already struggled with the subject in question); sometimes the processing can also include acknowledging how it has been like mapping one's own mind.As training for:learning to process and strengthen one's own decisiveness and presence of mind influencing events (magical rituals) strengthening seven bodyguardsIt is important that the sacrificial substance basically consists of that which is experienced and that which is expressed.Everything in which life is experienced and every ritual that is an expression of it, therefore falls under a form of incantation and a form of consecration.

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