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Ancient Taoism in Contemporary

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Get your feeling working!


Get your feeling working!

Unlock Your Natural Potential for Absolute Happiness with Self-Driven Path

Embrace what is natural, cultivate life, and achieve extraordinary results spontaneously. Restore your external and internal environment with martial arts practice.

The path of the self-driven involves bringing our natural, instinctive faculties to full freedom of movement. This can lead us to relative happiness, but absolute happiness is achieved through a higher understanding of the nature of things.

To meet the first requirement of the self-driven path, we must strive for the free development of our natural capacity. This ability is our Te, or moral force, which comes directly from the Tao, the drive of things. Thus, our moral strength makes us who we are, and we are happiest when our moral strength and natural ability can develop and be exercised freely and fully.

It's important to note that people and things are different in nature, and their talents are not the same. However, what they all have in common is that they are equally happy if they can have a free and full exercise of their natural faculties. For example, some birds can fly thousands of miles while others can barely make it from one tree to another, yet they are both in their element when they can do what they naturally do and what they are capable of.

A duck's legs are short, but if we try to lengthen them, he will experience pain.

A heron's legs are long, but if we try to shorten them, he will suffer misery.

Therefore we do not amputate what is long by nature, and we do not lengthen what is short by nature.

The feet can walk; Let them walk. The hands can hold; Let them hold.

Hear what is heard by the ears: see what is seen by the eyes.

Use what is naturally useful; do what you can do spontaneously.

There is no absolute uniformity in the nature of things, nor is there any need for uniformity. Trying to force uniformity upon nature can cause harm, as we can see from the example of a duck's short legs or a heron's long legs. Instead, we should embrace what is natural and use what is naturally useful. We should do what we can do spontaneously, act according to our will within the limit of our nature, but have nothing to do with what goes beyond.

Happiness is found in cultivating life itself, and it does not require any external things to add to life. This is the basis of the self-driven concept of nurturing innate life. While the way of martial arts is difficult to express in words, over the centuries much has been explained about it. Millennia-old martial arts concepts written down in poetry form the core of intuitive boxing. If we can see the meaning behind the words and follow the principles, we can achieve extraordinary results spontaneously.

The mind will be concentrated, the life force strong, the vitality calm, and the courage clear - these are the important essences. In today's world, life demands a lot of attention from us, and these essences are under heavy attack. The self-driven path strives for self-drive and restoration of both its external and internal environment, as the basis for its health. This basis has been profoundly disturbed, but through the practice of martial arts, we can restore it.

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