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Nadja Kotrchova

Since I was a little girl I was amazed by the kung-fu movies on television or in the cinema. They always attracted me and I secretly loved them. Then I taught that it was not possible for me to do such a sport because I was a girl. My first contact with martial art was in 1985 when I started with judo training in Prague.

Later I started to do judo competitions but I found that judo was not exactly what

I was looking for. So I started to look for some other martial arts that suited me more. My interest was magnetized by Oriental philosophy and Chinese traditional medicine, so I started to read books about it. Life was strenuous in Czech at that time, and I entered a period in my life, which was more concentrated on working then on personal development. It was in 1989 after the Velvet revolution (the end of communism) when people in Czech got the feeling for more personal freedom. After completing my study in gardening, I switched to accounting because of a weak back. A few years I was running my own small accounting firm. Long hours working behind the computer took me straight to my doctor. She told me to stop over straining myself, and find a balance between working and relaxing. I started to give more attention to myself and tried improve my condition, something not so easy with a killing back pain most of the times.

I was a regular visitor of the doctor and she send me to all kind of specialists.

Then I decided that I wanted to learn tai chi chuan and qigong for my health improvement, I did read about the therapeutic effect on back pain.

The year 1998 changed my situation, I met Ron Nansink during a workshop in the Czech Republic, where he did teach tai chi chuan and Taikiken. I was invited to join his lessons, I adopted my self to his method of training and started to have a good result from it. We become friends and I started to travel up and down between Holland and Czech. In Holland I practiced taikiken and tai chi chuan and assisted Ron in his workshops and company training's. My back improved a lot and the pain rarely came back.

At the end of 1999 I accompanied Ron to South East Asia and China, for an eight months training's trip – my dream to travel the world became real.

I visited many places, often not long enough for intensive training, but long enough to pick up the feeling and basic techniques of a local martial arts.

In Thailand were we stayed a few months, I spend much of our time in a Muay Thai boxing gym.

I had an inspiring time with the boxers who were happy to show me their tricks of the trade. On Bali I trained with weights and joined the Bamboo Kunning (a spiritual form of pentjak silat) training on the beach. In Malaysia, I visited the Wong Loo Sen See Chee Choong temple in Kuala Lumpur, to have the philosophy explained and learn more about Taoism. In China I visited several Taoist mountains and stayed in Shaolin were I learned one of the basic Shaolin qigong exercises. Later in Beijing I learned a form of ‘Eight-length Brocade’.

I study combat science 1998 and I personally experienced that life can be lived in many different ways. I feel that I picked up the right intuition for training and teaching. I did not go back to my old accounting business, I found a path with a heart.

I started a new career in teaching martial arts, I do assist Ron in teaching taikiken and tai chi chuan in workshops and management training.

Recently Ron gave me his approval to work as a independent Taikiken instructor.


March 2023

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