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"Welcome to, where our passion for martial arts and self-improvement has led us on a journey to collect rare books from all over the world. With 55 years of experience in the martial arts, we understand the struggle of finding clear and concise information on the subject. That's why we're dedicated to sharing our discoveries with you. At, we believe that the free flow of information between different cultures and ways of thinking can lead to greater understanding and solutions to present-day problems. That's why we're excited to offer you a selection of captivating abstracts from some of the most extraordinary books on martial arts and self-improvement from China. We invite you to read, reflect, and gain new insights into the combat science and its utility in our modern world."

Book cover: Sun Zi's Art of War and health care
Book cover unbelievable cures & medice from China
Book cover: A Treasure of China's Wisdom

A New World Press book on Military Science and Medical Science.

A New World Press book on high tech Traditional Chinese Medicine.

A Foreign Languages Press Beijing book on The Art of Living.

Sun Zi’s Art of War

and Health Care

An ancient poem warns, " Young women are charming. But they kill men. Though they do not cut their throats, they dry a man's marrow."

A book full with similarities between Military Science and Medical Science.

Unbelievable cures

Medicines from China

Three Chinese responds on World-wide health and social problems.

A treasury of China’s wisdom



When the desires of men are curbed, there will be peace in mind. When there is peace in mind, there will be peace in the world. - Lao Tzu

Download the PDF file:

Download the PDF file:

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