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Unlock your inner warrior with TaiKi Management Training and Martial Arts. Discover the art of self-defence and unleash your potential.

Refresh and Vitalise your Management teams,

fine-tune your valuable Human resources.

Develop more coherence and Flow reduce interference, and improve compatibility among your management teams.

MartriX Management training like Martial Arts is about inner strength,

it is about spirit, fun, a healthy Mind and Body

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"Boost Your Team's Strength and Coherence with MartriX Management Training: Round on the Outside, Square on the Inside"

MartriX Management, to get you in touch with the feel, the art of the brilliant hunch!


Think with your Gut feelings. In our fluid, competitive environment, the best decisions often come from intuition. So contemporary psychologists have designed a term to describe people who are in unusually close contact with their gut feelings - “high intuitive.”

While you can't learn such skills the way you learn multiplication tables, everyone can sharpen their instincts to some degree.

Taoism and internal forms of Martial arts like Intuitive Boxing are great tools in the process.


Cultivate gut thinking. demolish the obstructions that prevent you from using your guts.

Learn to listen to your feeling. You have to express your willingness to listen to what the felt sense has to say. To sharpen your intuitive thinking, you have to get out of your own way.

Practice, practice and more practice. This is the most important thing. ‘Gut instinct or feeling is basically a fitness of pattern recognition, ‘ The more you practice, the more patterns you intuitively recognize.

Gut feeling or intuition is sensing and thus becoming aware. Felt senses are the impulses of information received by the human body and sensory organs. Becoming aware of your personal intuitive perception, is your subjective knowledge of the objective. All ideas and knowledge possessed by mankind spring from this origin, nothing is contrary to what has been gained this way, so this 'feeling' can be called the source of all knowledge. Intuitive Boxing wants to perceive skill by intuition. In order to perceive the skill of boxing by intuition one must obtain this 'feeling'.

Therefore 'feeling' is where the core of studying intuitive boxing is. So what do we want to feel after all? We say that the first step is feeling objective reality with one's spirit and senses. This objective reality is the subject of investigation; it is your own body's process of movement.

One must feel the state of movement of one's body and spirit. The second step is feeling the meaning of certain concepts, because you are still in the territory of methodness, you must understand the meanings of the concepts told by the teacher. The third step is feeling the comparative relation between the concept and the reality, to feel the difference between them, to build a connection between them, not to disconnect them. Finally by the means of the perceptions of the previous three stages, from an even higher level, feel the primordial spirit in one's own life.


We already know that the core of Intuitive Boxing is 'feeling' and the perception of one's movement of life is achieved from this 'feeling.'

Here the five concrete ways to use the 'feeling' in the teaching process are explained:

A. Producing a feeling with a fixed method

B. Giving up the method after getting the feeling

C. Letting the feeling follow into everything

D. Personal feeling leads to complete awareness

E. It is the feeling working

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