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Taoist tree art Rinus Schulz
Taoist tree art Rinus Schulz

Real Life Spiritual Games

The art of Change

Taoist rituals for Selfmanagement

In Taoist philosophy, the concept of Real Life Spiritual Games can be a valuable tool for self-management. 

Games are enjoyable and can enhance our mental and physical skills, but we must be aware of those who view the world as their personal playground and involve us in their manipulative games, jeopardising our well-being.

As individuals, we must question whether we are living our lives on our terms or being controlled by others. We must identify the strategic games we unknowingly play in our relationships with loved ones, family, friends, employers, and governments that cost us our vitality, joy, and passion. Freeing ourselves from unwanted matrices is the ultimate challenge for every self-manager.

MartriX Real Life Spiritual Games are ancient and contemporary combat games rooted in Taoist principles that use martial arts and Chinese philosophy to combat dominating, barbarous, or gunny societies. The fundamental concept of Martial Arts vs. Matrix is releasing oneself from the Matrix and releasing the past with fire.

A martial artist is always searching for strength, and the greatest strength to be rediscovered is one's inner imagination, free from the enforced imagination of others. The Matrix is a crystallized paradigm that holds our experience together, creating a coherent picture of reality, a worldview. The mantra for martial artists is "own choice is worth thinking," but freedom is a subtle and fragile concept.

Playing games with others' selves is not only risky but also an unethical hobby. As self-managers, we must be mindful of our actions and strive for freedom and self-mastery with silent strength. Industries and governments often operate out of a matrix that blurs the line between mine and thine. Many great thinkers of the past have grappled with this issue, and modern films like What the Bleep Do We Know?! explore new paradigms to refresh our thinking.

The Now, our status quo, is a collection of rules known as the Matrix, an imaginary compilation of our combined thinking. The ancient Taoists believed they had only one life, in the Now, and that everything happened in that Now. History has brought us rules and regulations, but our modern Now is a manipulated version of the past.

Our goal is to expose and liberate ourselves from the habits of the mind, creating new neural networks and thinking new thoughts together. Taoists also had to deal with the rules and habits of their social and cultural Now, striving for total freedom within the system.

Freedom stops where others' freedom begins, and tolerance is the most important rule of the game. Protecting and respecting the freedom of others seems easier than claiming freedom for oneself, but we must be honest with ourselves and guard our boundaries.

Self-defense is not only a way to inner peace but also to protect the natural harmony with others we share this world with. The key to freedom and tolerance is that everyone must be able to be themselves without coercion. The consciousness that billions of different life forms can live in peace and harmony together must come from deep within our intuitive awareness.

Effortless-effort is a characteristic of nature, and living in harmony with the basic principles of life leads to a talented state we call FLOW. It is the dormant strength (Tao) that lives within us, always willing to support us in creating a higher level of existence. To perceive this dormant strength and hear the silent force of our inner inspiration, we must give up our conditioning and morphologies, even our common knowledge, to become a harmonic part of the Whole.

Life is abundant by nature, and our capacity to receive that abundance is fully ruled by the variable of what our Self thinks to be. We must examine our conscious and unconscious beliefs about ourselves and how they lead to self-sabotage and self-weakening, cutting ourselves off from the abundance of nature and life itself.

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March 2023

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Illustrations: Rinus Schulz


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