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"Unlocking Personal Freedom and Inner Peace: The Spiritual Game of Self-Discovery Through Ancient Combat Techniques and Independent Thinking with Neural Networks"
"Unlocking Personal Freedom and Inner Peace: The Spiritual Game of Self-Discovery Through Ancient Combat Techniques and Independent Thinking with Neural Networks"

Real Life Spiritual Games

The art of Change

Taoist rituals for Selfmanagement

"Discover Your True Self with The Warrior's Journey - Part One of the Triptych"

The Warrior's journey is a challenging, real-life spiritual game that you'll thoroughly enjoy.

Games can be a wonderful way to improve our physical, mental, and spiritual skills. However, we must be careful, for some people treat the world as their personal playground and involve others in their games without their consent. This can put your selfness, health, and happiness at risk.

Ask yourself: am I living my life on my terms, or am I being controlled by others? Are there strategic games that others are playing with me, such as lovers, family, friends, employers, or governments, that I'm not even aware of? How much of my precious life force, happiness, and imagination have I given up to play these games?

To liberate yourself from these unwanted matrices, you must engage in Real Life Spiritual Games – the ultimate challenge for anyone who seeks true freedom. These games combine ancient and contemporary combat techniques with Chinese philosophy to fight against oppressive, barbaric, or unjust societies.

As a warrior, you must always strive to find your inner strength, and the most important strength to reclaim is your imagination, free from the constraints of others. The mantra for warriors is: "Own choice is worth thinking!" However, personal freedom is a delicate and subtle concept that requires constant vigilance.

Playing games with others' selves may be some people's favorite pastime, but it is not only risky but also unethical. As a warrior, you must be aware of your actions and strive silently for freedom and selfness.

Industries and governments often operate within a Matrix that blurs the line between "mine" and "yours." Many great thinkers of the past have pondered this unethical behavior. To break free from these patterns of thought, we need fresh perspectives and independent sources of information to explore new paradigms and challenge our preconceptions.

As the great physicist David Bohm said, "A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices."

The present moment is shaped by the Matrix, a collection of rules that reflect our collective human thought. How much freedom do we truly have if we want to be truly free? The ancient Taoists believed that we only have one life, lived in the present moment, and that everything happens within that moment. History has given us rules and regulations, and though the past is gone, the rules remain. Our modern moment is merely a manipulated version of our past; history repeats itself in a modern guise.

The goal is to free yourself from the habits of the collective global mind, so that you are not just replaying old assumptions and beliefs but thinking new thoughts and creating new neural networks together.

The Taoists faced similar challenges in their time and sought total freedom within their social and cultural context. This was no easy task, for the most important rule of the game is tolerance. Your freedom ends where another's begins, and vice versa.

It's easier to respect the freedom of others than to protect your own. The awareness of being true to yourself and defending your inner peace, freedom, or health from others is a skill that is rarely cultivated. That's why self-defense, by setting and defending your boundaries, is essential for every warrior.

Self-defense not only brings inner peace but also protects the natural harmony that we share with the rest of the world. If you're aware that you're defending your valuable inner self, you'll also recognise that others are doing the same. The key to freedom and tolerance is that everyone must be able to be themselves without coercion.

This awareness, that billions of unique life forms can live in peace and harmony,

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March 2023


Rinus Schulz

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