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Get your feeling working!

Round from Outside,

Square Inside

Other people have one

great influence on us.

In the presence of some people we turn into creative all-rounders,

with others we mutate

in paralyzed klutz.

We experience this phenomenon everywhere,

also in companies!




Most of us gather information through eye and ear.

We are always alert to information and ideas, always expecting clarity and logic.

At TheFeel, intuitive boxing (acting) we do it differently, using our whole body feeling to experience what we call 'The creative vacuum. Here's how it works.

You meet me. I fit into certain expectations and fantasies of yours which have nothing to do with me, but everything to do with the psychological state of your own needs, your own fears and your own history. I experience you the same way.

These fantasies meet in the creative vacuum that we are all part of and where co-creation takes place.


One of the most important tools is to listen less to what the other person is saying and to pay attention to the interaction with TheFeel.

You now not only listen with your ears, but you lean into the conversation with your whole body feeling. In the creative vacuum, people become co-creators by learning to listen to each other physically, mentally and spiritually. On the physical level, for example, you can listen for signs of feeling controlled or restrained in those with whom you interact. On the mental or spiritual level, the level of your head or spirit, you can feel the pain, fears, unspoken desires, within yourself and the other person.

You can sense that someone doesn't want to go with you at all in their feelings, turning off everything you suggest, while the person verbally invites you to offer more and more suggestions until you feel like you're going crazy. You can even create a destructive vacuum together in which to feed each other's fears. By listening to TheFeel to the unconscious and that which is not spoken, you enter the space between mind and matter in which you can alchemically create something that did not exist before. You can transform the base metals of confusion and missed opportunities into the gold of creativity and hope. For many people it is a frightening idea that they have observable "idiotic" parts floating in space, over which they lose the camouflage of their physical control. But it is precisely in this area that people can be very creative under the right circumstances. Alchemy is the best metaphor for dealing with the projected "idiotic" (chaos) parts of normal people because of its emphasis on chaos. Alchemy is a thousands of years old system of thought that is more interested in the transformation of things than in linear cause and effect, where one thing causes another.

There are many other unknown forms of relations between things.

With TheFeel, Someone can develop a more refined understanding of subconscious dynamic processes:

TheFeel, how does someone discover a new idea? In every state of listening, in every moment of a relationship, you create something out of nothing.

By opening your mind to a dimension of reality that has been hidden, you are creating that dimension in that moment.

Text: Ron Nansink


Shifting to a different kind of consciousness makes the impossible possible. Co-creation goes beyond “getting yes,” or gaining the upper hand in negotiations zoomed in on other people's weaknesses.

Co-creation is 'we get' that means receiving the trust of another, letting them open and letting you open yourself to the other.

TheFeel teaches you to speak a language on the basis of which both can build an intense collaborative relationship.

Such a relationship transforms into a deeply human connection that discovers and co-creates at the same time.


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A good well balanced boxing match is also co-creation!

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