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Date of departure and return:

The Workshop starts and ends in Amsterdam at Schiphol airport. 

Departure is on 1 October and return on 31 October 

Flights included:

 Amsterdam to Bangkok/Thailand and back to Amsterdam, local flight Koh Samui - Chiang Mai - Bangkok

Places to stay: Midrange hotels, bungalows and guesthouses in double rooms.


Includes the return flight Amsterdam Bangkok, all flights in Asia, local transport, accommodation on base of double room, including breakfast, Taikiken - Kination - TaiKi/Taijiquan/qigong training and personal coaching, local workshops like Thai boxing/massage/cooking, cultural excursions and temple visits.

For detailed info on the price send an e-mail to

How to book the sabbatical leave?

If you are sure, that you like to join us for this workshop on location, sign-up by filling in the application form and send it to our address we will contact you to make an appointment for an intake and information consult. 

More info: Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions please write to

…Click here for more info about THAILAND!

For Buddhism we go to Thailand. There you can see Buddhist philosophy reflected in daily life and sport (Thai boxing). You will have opportunity to participate in the local courses like Thai boxing, Thai cooking, Thai massage or meditation, which can give you something you can apply in your own life.

Making It Work

Here are some pointers for having a successful sabbatical.

· Those of you who are brave enough to venture into the non-English speaking world should recognize that language skills will dramatically influence your experience, so you should try to allocate time for learning some survival phrases. 

· Plan way ahead because it will take much more time than you think to make the necessary arrangements. 

· Do your homework on how things work in the cultures to visit. Reading books and surfing the internet still proves invaluable for a wide range of future interactions, from getting the right information during training to getting your favorite food in restaurants.

· Think carefully about how you want to interact with your fellow members of the workshop. Because they will be as uncertain as you are about the proper relationship and expectations, it may be up to you to design something that will work for everyone. 

· Be flexible, and have fun. You will be surprised on a daily basis by your sabbatical life, so you might as well learn to enjoy the unexpected. 

· Be prepared for the final surprise. The culture shock on your return may well be greater than anything you experienced during your sabbatical! This will demonstrate how much you have changed.

In 1975 just before I left for a seven month training period in Japan a friend told me: ‘You will be surprised when you come back how the people have changed who didn't change at all, and he was right I still remember the cultural shock.‘ 

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