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Unlock Your Inner Power: The Power of Self-Driven Thinking!

Discover the Power of Self-Driven Thinking. Cultivate your intuition and tap into your innate talents to propel yourself forward.

Have you ever felt like you're just going through the motions, following someone else's lead, and not really engaging your mind in the work you do? It's a common feeling, but it doesn't have to be that way. Choosing to think for yourself, to engage your mind and your intuition in your daily life, can be incredibly rewarding.

Joost van den Vondel, a seventeenth-century Dutch writer, understood the value of self-driven thinking long before our time. He wrote, "Many learn through the mouths of masters and the eyes and ears of others, but not this wit. He will dig deeper on the basis of experience." In other words, true learning and growth come from delving into your own experiences and insights, rather than simply relying on what others tell you.

But how do you become a self-driven thinker? It starts with following your intuition, or what Carlos Santana called "the alchemy of experience." This means being attuned to your own thoughts and feelings, and using them to guide your actions. The more you do this, the more experience you accumulate, and the easier it becomes to make intuitive decisions that lead to positive outcomes.

Of course, following your instincts is easier said than done. Many of us have been taught to second-guess ourselves, to listen to others instead of our own inner voice. But if you feel like your inner compass is weak or distorted, it's never too late to recalibrate. Your life's mission should be to cultivate and cherish your own intuition, because nothing else is more important.

If you treat your inner strength with care, and let your innate talents guide you, you'll find that hard work doesn't exhaust you as much as it used to. This is because you're not wasting energy on self-doubt or self-sabotage. Instead, you're tapping into your own power and using it to propel yourself forward.

One way to hone your intuition and connect with your inner strength is through a practice called TaiKi, or intuitive boxing. This technique allows you to tap into your body's natural wisdom and solve old problems in new ways. But even if boxing isn't your thing, there are many other ways to cultivate self-driven thinking and reconnect with your inner voice.

The bottom line is that choosing to think for yourself, to rely on your own experiences and intuition, is a powerful and rewarding path.

As Joost van den Vondel said, "Our own choice is worth thinking more than anything else!"

So why not start today? Take a moment to tune in to your own thoughts and feelings, and see where they lead you. Who knows? You might just discover something amazing.

And especially for those with more intellectual stature in their heads than natural feeling in their bodies, however, there is no mercy on issues pertaining to the deepest depths of our collective inner well-being.

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Ron Nansink


April 2023



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