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 The Eco-Generator a pioneer in Natural Tuning
 The Eco-Generator a pioneer in Natural Tuning

Round on the Outside

Square on the Inside

The Eco-Generator is a pioneer in natural tuning, living sustainably through actions and not just thoughts. Discover the power of TheFeel and take responsibility for your sustainable actions.

The Eco-Generator a pioneer in Natural Tuning

When things are really sustainable, the Eco-Generator responds by going along with it.

If things are not sustainable, Eco-Generator still trades by not going along.

The Eco-Generator studies sustainability in everything and everything tells its secret.

The Eco-Generator, sustainable cooperation and living.

Read the sky, forget what you see for a moment, feel with your eyes what it does to your body!

Feeling is not a matter of understanding but of mastering, you must let your own body discover the power and feeling of TheFeel. The big breakthrough is that the body realizes it can see (can see the felt perception.)

The Eco-Generator lives by acting sustainably, not by thinking about acting sustainably.

The Eco-Generator is a hunter that hunts for power from the natural essence.

If you want to survive as an Eco-Generator you have to be crystal clear and one hundred percent sure of your vision.

Refusing to go along with it (wu wei) is very easy but also very difficult.

As an Eco-Generator you take responsibility for sustainability in the most everyday routines of your actions. Sustainable living is not a matter of understanding but of mastering, you must let your own body discover TheFeel of natural sustainability. The big breakthrough is that your body realizes that it can perceive sustainability (TheFeel) clearly.

From the moment you start living as an Eco-Generator, you are no longer ordinary. From that moment on it is pointless to just complain. From that moment on you determine the sustainable strategy in your life. You are free to do as you please, but whatever you do or don't do, you take full responsibility for your sustainability of your actions. So as an Eco-Generator you live strategically, if you have to act with your fellow human beings, an Eco-Generator follows a sustainable strategy, and in that doing there are no wins and losses, in doing there are only sustainable actions. Following a sustainable strategy means that you are not just at the mercy of other sane people.

Illustraties Rinus Schulz

Everyone can see, but few can feel: everyone sees what you appear to be, few feel what you really are. Nicolo Machiavelli

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