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These MartriX Video Clips of rare Martial Art we shot during our training and traveling.

We share them with you to Get The Feeling Working.

We are happy we can show you a few video material from the early morning atmosphere of some cities in China. Further we would like to also share a glimpse of Bamboo Kuning (yellow bamboo), a form of spiritual Pentjak Silat. All these clips were made during our stay Asia (1999/2000), we hope you enjoy the sometimes magical atmosphere of the martial art training as much as we did.

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SHAOLIN related video clips:

Shaolin stretching Shaolin is really an amazing place. In Dharma hall, where we stayed for a while, they had around 8000 students.

For some the days start extra early with some individual stretching.

Shaolin roundhouse kick

In Shaolin the students train a variety of martial arts. Some very traditional and some more contemporary.

Shaolin Young Talent There is a lot of young talent training in Shaolin. When they are lucky, they will play in a wushu movie or travel around the world with one of the Shaolin groups.

WUSHU related video clips:

Wudang Shan Wushu In the beautiful surrounding on Wudang Shan mountains we did find several wushu temples, who also accept foreign students.

Baqua Zhang competition form This clip shows Baqua zhang form and was filmed in Chengdu, China.

Xingyi in Chengdu This video clip is showing Xingyi form at the Chengdu wushu competition.

Female Wushu elegance in Kunming

On the main square in Kunming were many excellent wushu instructors, male and female.

Baqua zhang in Kunming Walking the trees without the trees. Baqua zhang training on the main square in Kunming, China.

Baqua Zhang walking the tree In this clip we captured Baqua zhang which is a basic training, Summer Palace in Beijing.

Baqua zhang circles Walking the tree till it leans on you…all round the park in the Summer Palace, Beijing, there are circles around trees.

Xingyiquan in Beijing In this clip a very friendly man practices his Xingyiquan. Summer Palace, Beijing.

Never too old to practice wushu An old man practices his Tai chi sword form in the early morning on the square in Kunming, China.

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