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Deep within us lives a stranger, someone unknown, our other I, our forgotten I, 

a stranger who sees our origin via the never exposed roots of our energy.

What is freedom?

Nothing else then overgrowing the resistance of your personal and collective human conditioning. Who wants to be free, must wake up and that demands much courage. It is however an unknown freedom to judge nothing that appears in your perception. You live without resistance. You can really perceive, really listen.

Lao tzu: ’The Sage lives without resistance and so nobody can resist him.’

Opposite: Who is not free cannot communicate. Who is not free only knows a weak reflection of what real communication is. And that is valid for 95% of us. Most of us do not perceive: we judge. We express opinions. We reason something away. We justify. We talk and talk, without coming to the point. We compare, consciously and unconsciously, everything with what we already know. We say constantly: that is good and that is wrong, that is this and that is that. Opinions, opinions, opinions. All opinions can be brought back to convictions and is a form of ignorance and insecurity. Becoming free of your past is becoming free of your conditioning.

From your earliest youth, you become imprisoned in a Matrix of all kinds of patterns and convictions, over what you as a child could not form your own idea. Society molds her subjects patiently for conformism. That is no freedom that is subtle slavery. Researchers of Stanford University discovered that most of the people are for more then 90% conditioned by convictions which they collected before their 22nd birthday. By then they have opinions and value judgments about everything , that however mainly lead back to the ‘early authorities’ in life or to their revolt against the same authorities, and in greater measures, to the enormous mass collective convictions of human kind. That is unconscious slavery. And it is very painful. That is why most people do not want to have anything to do with awakening. They prefer the apparent comfort of the Matrix. 

Taoist rituals for selfmanagement, cleaning and health: 

Rooting is back to the future! The question is how deep the Rabbit Hole do you want to go?

Deep within us lives a stranger, someone unknown, our other I, our forgotten I, 

a stranger who sees our origin via the never exposed roots of our energy.

Our other I sees everything in the light of its natural connection because that is the way it serves the purpose of your own inner view. Do not choose, let everything be chosen by your natural connection.

Go deeply inside by your roots. The clue is that you enter a state of permanent solidarity with your inner body, and if you feel this integration all the time. Then your life will change and deepen rapidly. The more awareness you can focus on your inner body, the higher the vibrating frequency will become, something like light that gets brighter when you add electricity by turning the light control up. At a higher energy level, negativity has no grip on you anymore, and you start to attract new circumstances which are reflections of your higher frequency. If you keep you attention as much as possible in your body, you will get firmly-rooted in the Now. You will not lose your Self anymore in the outside world. Thoughts and emotions, fears an desires can still be there, but they do not overrule you any longer. Keeping your roots healthy is your basis for an unhindered grow to the Now. The experience proves that if you not voluntary think about life, you will be forced by life to do it. In hospitals you find many people who suddenly had to think deeply about life. Out of prudent avoidance you often could do that much earlier.

Natural intuition is the master of awareness.

If you strive for manners, you polish your nature and fade away your feelings; you eyes can desire something, but they are constrained by measures; you heart can be crazy about something, but you are restricted by ‘your’ manners. Your behavior is reserved and restricted, humble and submissive; fat meat you do not eat, and good wine you do not drink. 

Outwardly you are restricted in your attitude, inwardly you are worried about your virtues, and so you suppress the harmony between yin and yang and hinder your natural feelings of life itself. Therefore you will stay a sad person for your whole life. Why? Because you forbid yourself what you desire, without trying to get into the roots of the how and why of your desire. You avoid that what you enjoy, without trying to find out what you enjoy. Manners, hinder feelings and block desires; by disheartening yourself with sense of duty, even if your feelings and your heart are choked and oppressed, and suffers your body and from hunger and thirst. You keep forcing yourself with the thought of necessity, so you never can live your natural life. Manners cannot take your desires away, but they can suppress them. Even if you make everyone so scared for punishment that they do not dare to steal, how can you compare that with taking care that people do not have one single desire to steal? If you use hot water to keep the kettle from boiling, it will only make it to boil more, if you understand the nature of the matter you just remove the fire.

An ancient path to Selfmanagement 

This method improves directly your feeling of self respect and self control, since you are doing it all by your self and for your self, you create a written picture of your inner life, you expose your situation to clear out all the noise. The WUJI intuitive writing method is an extremely effective tool to release the unwanted past with ‘fire’, you formulate your deepest emotions in to words and write them down on paper.

Strengthening the immune system

A physical advantage is, that your immune system gets much stronger if your body is only occupied by your self. The more awareness you bring into your body, the stronger your immune system becomes. It is like every cell becomes present and enjoys itself. Your body loves your attention, that is why it is such a powerful tool for Self healing.

The WUJI writing ritual works in all fields of self-recapturing and self healing, thus also for work, career and at a more intimate expression of life like love.

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