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Seeing the roots and because of that, know the branches

Deep within each of us is our most unknown, our other selves, our forgotten selves, a stranger who sees our origin through the unexposed roots of our energy.

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Stop Negative Self-Talk with The Power of Words: A Journey with TheFeel


All of us engage in self-talk, at a rate of 150 to 300 words per minute, enough to fill a good book a day.

We constantly talk about our view of the world. In fact, we keep ourselves under hypnosis all the time. We are constantly feeding our image of reality. But not only that, we also determine our life path by talking to ourselves. In this way, we often repeat the same choices again and again, until the day we die, because we repeat the same self-talk until the day we die. Of course most of the self-talk is harmless, like what am I going to do tonight? What shall I eat? Will everything go well as it is? But part is not so innocent, especially for those people with already low self-esteem. I never succeed. Without work I am nothing. I never manage to lose weight, and so on.

Since birth, we have used our eyes to judge the world. We talk to others and to our Self mainly about what we see.

The reality we see is only so and so because we tell each other and our Self that reality is so and so, thus our personal truth. When we stop telling our Self and others that reality is such and such, our reality (sum of all personal truth) stops being such and such.

The problem is that we confuse reality with what people do. What men do is protect themselves against the forces that surround us; what we do as humans gives us comfort and a sense of security; what people do is of real importance but only for protection.

Reality is all that is here; the people, the animals, the plants, nature, and everything else that surrounds us or of which we are part. So reality cannot be comprehended in such and such a way.

For the average people the world is never a mystery, and when they reach old age they are convinced that they have nothing left to live for. What a miserable price they pay for their protection. A self-driven person is aware of this confusion and therefore learns to treat the world well. Under no circumstances can the things people do be more important than reality itself.

A self-driven person is very aware of the power of the word and uses this power to rediscover his reality.

Ultimately, the self-driven linguistically transforms his Self into reality and takes responsibility for his actions; for the most mundane things of his dealings.

A simple piece of internal martial arts tool in transforming yourself, Wuji meditation is an ancient technique of Taoist psychology.


In modern China, Zhuge Liang is regarded as the most popular statesman and strategic general in history.

Zhuge Liang was also known as “Hidden dragon” or “Crouching dragon” due to the fact that those around him underestimated his abilities to achieve great things.

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